Sunday, January 13, 2013

New year, new beginnings

What a start to 2013! I am about to launch "My Climbing Tree" as a new business. It's taken a lot of thought, but my simple aim is to connect communities to wildlife at a grassroots level.
This means I will be getting out the maps and discovering local allotments, school growing projects, Forest Schools and walking groups. Anyone who values their plot of greenspace can get involved...
Is there a way to link all of these spaces together? How do we turn small green plots into large, snaking and vibrant green splodges all over our towns and countryside?
I shall be running events, creating new projects and supporting existing ones: all with the aim of linking up and strengthening our fragmented communities, habitats and wildlife.
So if you would like to be involved this year, keep watching this space for details of upcoming events- some of which I promise will be unusual and an awful lot of fun! Here are a few clues- slugs, mud, chocolate, campfires, wild walks, barn owls, picnics and crafty much more.
I am based in Shropshire, UK so I am starting from where I know best. However, the more I talk to people, the more connections I find. I'm pretty sure that the "My Climbing Tree" network will soon spread far and wide.
I will also share some of my favourite places to go, inspiring people I meet, plus some great activities to get all ages outside exploring your local area.
Please share your experiences with me too. What do you and your family like doing? Tell me about the plants and animals near you, link your blog to mine and let's get talking!

Oh and I am due to have another baby in 5 weeks! Happy New Year!

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