Sunday, June 10, 2012

...Lower Wallop...

I'm in love with a farm. Last September I met the Roberts family who live at Lower Wallop. They have three hundred acres of organic food, semi-ancient woods, bats, barn owls and otters.
I haven't felt able to blog for a month, as I've been so busy exploring the farm and helping Angus and Mandy open their farm gates to the local community. Six months of planning led to an event called a BioBlitz. sponsored school children, families and professionals to take part in over 24 hours of continuous wildlife recording. Over 200 people, 16 different organisations and at last count over 300 species.
We're still recovering, but we're so proud of what we've achieved. We can't wait to do more and are already hoping to run another event later this year. Isn't it a great name for a farm too?

Peter keeping the kids happy with gruesome tales of bones.

Recording well into the night: the BioBlitz bat walk.

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