Monday, March 19, 2012

...who cares...

After yesterday's blog post about Corner Farm, there's been a lot of interest. Thanks so much for all your support, advice and tweets.
There's been over 100 hits on this site since yesterday, which is amazing. It just goes to show that it's not just me and my wild green patch, it's a subject close to many people's hearts.
If you want to blog and tweet, we now have a hashtag! It's #myclimbingtree.

I talked to a colleague at the Wildlife Trust today who encouraged me to keep recording the wildlife on the proposed development site. There's a valuable story to be told about how residents can value wildlife corridors and maybe work with developers to create something a little better than the usual "one size fits all" approach. Who knows.

All I know is that this patch outside my family home is alive. Bats, badgers, foxes, bugs, big trees, hares, birds and mammals. In 12 months time it may well all be gone. This is the story of who cares.

Here's some more pictures H and I took earlier this evening.

Corner Farm and one of the old holly hedges

Cow pats. They can be brilliant bug habitats. More poo please!

Our cottages. There'll be 25 houses on the right and the lane will become a two way road.

Freedom to roam for one more year.

Another 15 species have been added to my list including elder (great for making jewellery), holly, ivy, carrion crows, jackdaws and a pair of buzzards circling lazily overhead. There's the first glimpses of garlic mustard and bittercresses in the hedgerows, plus violets, speedwell, chickweed and arum lily. None of which are rare, but if development continues in its current form, they will be one day.

More tomorrow.

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