Sunday, March 18, 2012 one...

So here we go. I hope to get out and about on Corner Farm Drive as much as I can over the coming months; discovering wildlife, meeting the neighbours and capturing stories before the site potentially disappears. I've already found some great stuff as you'll see from the photos. In a ten minute walk we've spotted over 30 species including a very big slug, a centipede, lesser celandine and perhaps the caterpillar of an Angle Shades moth. The site is hooching with small mammal holes which is what we'll look at next.

Off on an adventure
This is where the houses might be built
A large slug on some deadwood

I've found a centipede!

Angle Shades moth caterpillar
Lesser Celandine


  1. Gorgeous pictures, count me in! What do we need to do? Let me know when you are free and I will look out for anything interesting to record in the mean time xxx

  2. Thanks! Consider yourself in. Oh my, we have to meet and very very soon! I'm going to need all the help I can get over the coming months, but it should be (mostly) good fun and outdoors. Record everything! Not just the rare stuff. There are so few records of this whole farm that the developers will presume there's nothing here. I'm around most evenings and weekends. My kitchen table has been re-named "campaign HQ"! Hope you and your gorgeous family are OK. xxx