Thursday, May 03, 2012

...rain and rhubarb...

The relentless warm rain makes the garden look amazing. The lawn is a rainforest and the rhubarb looks the happiest its been in ages. I cut the first crop of the year and made rhubarb and custard using a recipe from Hugh's River Cottage Veg Everyday!

My favourite way to eat rhubarb is stewed with orange juice and eaten warm with shreddies.
My mum loved that too. She was a keen gardener and loved growing food we could all tuck into.
The taste is so different when you've grown it yourself isn't it? Sunshine and soil.

Sadly my lovely mum died eighteen years ago, and there are still days when I miss her like mad. But by growing veg for my own family I'm connecting with her all the time and kind of filling that big gap. She would love my garden. So here's a bowl of rhubarb and shreddies to you mum, and absent gardeners everywhere.

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