Wednesday, March 21, 2012

...Flickr and fires...

...I'm having a quiet day today, as it's been a long but brilliant day out in the Ercall woods with the Wildlife Trust; no time to get out onto the wild patch to record anything this evening. So while I finish my glass of wine, have a look at what I've done at work today. Big thanks to Tiffany, Jackie and Nicole for being such good fun. Oh my god, you learn a lot when it's just a bunch of women in the woods!

Testing the "Survival Shelter" for comfort

T's first fire. A very proud moment!

The shelter's not going to get finished like that is it?

Don't let it go out!

Corner Farm Drive now has a Flickr photostream.
Call round and take a picture of some wildlife, a great view, or something that sums up your thoughts about wild green patches everywhere.

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  1. You're doing an amusing job; would expect nothing less of you SB. X