Sunday, January 22, 2012

...splash of colour...

The garden is looking so grey and unloved that I really want to give it a makeover. Been looking at some gorgeous books for ideas, including this one by Clare Matthews and Clive Nichols.
I can't wait to get outside now, and create a pond in a pot (there's a nice one at scentedsweetpeas).
I'd also never thought about vertical gardening until I saw Lauren's MRGP strawberry bucket towers.
Living on a farm there's plenty of old tyres lying about, so I'll use some to grow potatoes.
How about a den made from runner beans, living fences, toad sanctuaries, bird boxes, baths, gruffalo trails....(phew!)
To start the makeover with a funky splash of colour, I found these garden sticks on sweet thing(s) blog and had a go at making smaller versions today. Something for the garden, and a winter blues-busting treat!

...Sycamore sticks...

Scrape off the bark (sycamore's a gorgeous white underneath)

...Get painting..(with strawberry snacks to help the job go smoothly)...

..the finished item ready to brighten up the garden... those colours...

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