Thursday, January 19, 2012

...mystery bug...

Last week, someone gave me a mystery bug in a jar. Happy Days!!!
I love mystery bugs and this one was gorgeous.
The poor creature had been stuck in a jam jar since the previous Thursday and was looking a bit fed up.
I couldn't spot it in any of my bug books, so I took a few photos and uploaded them to to see if anyone else could help.
Within 20 minutes I had a reply and the mystery bug had a name...(drum roll please)....
It was a Rhopalid bug (Corizus hyoscyami).
I can tell you're impressed.

Think about it though; iSpot is genius. It's so simple.
Social media and natural history have joined forces to enable millions to watch wildlife, photograph it and most importantly, make it count.
Citizen Science in action.

I'm proud to say that my Rhopalid bug record is a first for this area of the UK and, if more are found, may be further evidence of species spreading out across the country as habitats and climates change.

One bug, one jar and one website. Go on, join in.

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